Soloists of MSO playing at the Library of Congress

Visiting Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore

Soloists of MSO at the Peabody Coservatory

Soloists of MSO at the National Gallery of Art

Soloists of MSO at the Library of Congress

Soloists of MSO playing at the private residence of Chita & David Jarvis

Saying good bye to Washington at Dulles airport



Open World Leadership Center 10th Anniversary Gala Event

In September of 2009 Global Arts Network planned and hosted for a week a visit of the soloists of the Moscow Symphony Orchestra in the Greater Washington Metropolitan area. They were featured at the Open World Leadership Center's 10th Anniversary Gala at the Library of Congress:

Ilya Pashintsev cello
Aleksandra Telmanova viola
Maryana Osipova violin
Georgy (Gocha) Levinov violin


Mozart: Divertimento Number 1
Tchaikovsky: Andante from Quartet Number 2
Gershwin: Peace you've sent to us
Gordey: "Scent of a woman"
Piazzolla: Libertango
encore Borodin: Nokturne from Quartet Number 2

During their visit, besides the concert at the Gala, musicians spend a whole day at the library of Congress, where they met with Karol Lynn who showed them the Gershwin Room, the Coolidge auditorium, the Whittal Hall and demonstrated to them the precious Stradivari collection of string instruments.

On September 30, Larry Appelbaum spent almost a day with the group, engaged them in jazz discussions and demonstrated the treasures of the Music Division at the Library of Congress.

Next day the group met with Mr. David Kitto, Director of Production at the Kennedy Center for the Arts for a discussion, after which musicians had a tour "behind the scene" of the Center.

They also had excursions to the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, the National Aquarium, and were invited to the concert of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, where they were introduced and had lovely discussion with the Music Director of Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Mrs. Marin Alsop.

Soloists of the Moscow Symphony Orchestra also took part in a concert of the Georgetown Citizen Association Gala at the Embassy of the Russian Federation and performed at a private residence of Chita and David Jarvis in Great Falls, VA for the residents of Greater Washington Area.

Upon completion of the tour they expressed gratitude to the Global Arts Network for the hospitality and professional organization of the tour, which surpassed their expectations. "We do not want to leave!" was one of the comments.

"Dear Ms. Taubvurtzel: We at the Open World Leadership Center would like to extend our appreciation to you and the Global Arts Network for assisting in the program design and hosting of the soloists... The very professional hosting that you and the Global Arts Network created for the young Russian musicians enlightened them...

With warmest regards,"

Ambassador John O'Keefe

Executive Director

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