Kugach Exhibition - Opening Day

Kugach Exhibition - Presentation by Mikhail Kugach

Mikhail Kugach "Fisherman"

Yuri Kugach "Thoughtful Woman"


Kugach Exhibition

"Kugach, Kugach, Kugach - Three Generations of Russian Artists" exhibition was held at the American University Museum's Katzen Arts Center. Some 80 paintings were displayed from the works of five Kugach family artists. 

The Kugach is a three-generation family of artists. Their works are widely known in Russia, Eastern Europe and the USA. According to the Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, "The Kugach family is to Russian art what the Wyeths are to American art". 

The artists whose works are exhibited:

  • Yuri Kugach - who is over 90.  Yuri is known as one of the finest representatives of impressionism and realism in the post-revolutionary Russia. He is most famous for his paintings of everyday rural life.  He has over 200 paintings displayed in national and other major museums all over the world.  Yuri has been awarded the top USSR artist awards, taught at the Surikov Art Institute and is a founding member and first President of the now world famous Moscow River School.

  • Olga Svetlechnaya, Yuri's late wife, painter and educator, who Yuri feels was more talented than he is.

  • Mikhail Kugach, Yuri's son, a painter and educator, Chairman of the Russian Artists Union, Director of the Moscow Arts Institute, and the President of the Moscow River School.

  • Ekaterina and Ivan Kugach, Yuri's grandchildren, painters and educators.

  • Nikita Fedosov, Olga's nephew, who studied with Yuri and Olga, one of Russia's most highly celebrated artists.

January 31st - March 15th, 2009

Katzen Art Center, American University Museum

4400 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20016-8031

The Katzen Arts Center is located on Ward Circle at the intersection of Massachusetts and Nebraska Avenues in NW Washington, DC

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