Luba Taubvurtzel at the Embassy of the Russian Federation
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Luba Taubvurtzel,
president of
Global Arts Network


I lived in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg, Russian Federation) for some thirty years and the last ten of them I worked as a tour guide and travel coordinator with the Leningrad Travel Bureau. This job allowed me to discover the treasures in museums of this magnificent capital of the Russian empire. From this experience (plus intensive English lessons) I was able to lecture and give Russian language and culture courses to appreciative students at NASA, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

As much as I loved teaching, I had other callings. I took art courses, which led me to painting on silk, which in turn led me to designing wearable art. I had several solo shows and a number of Washington top boutiques carried my art works. After the fall of the Berlin wall and Glasnost in the USSR I visited my former homeland in 1992. I witnessed the enthusiastic change in the cultural live of St. Petersburg. Young, capable and aspiring artists were everywhere, represented by plentiful new private galleries. I was inspired and decided to take part and got involved in representing these artists in the US market.

I spend three years on the board of Friend of Torpedo Factory and curate several art exhibitions and co-chaired successful fundraising Gala the Embassy of Russian Federation.

I also curate the following events:

"From Russia with Art," an exhibition of seven contemporary Russian artists at the Russian Cultural Center (September, 2005).

"Vision from Russia" an exhibition at the Target Gallery in Old Town of Alexandria - as a part of cultural exchange between Embassy of Russia and Friends of Torpedo Factory (July, 2006).

"Art at the Airport," an exhibition of American artists from Torpedo Factory (as a part of the program of Friends of Torpedo Factory and artists from Torpedo Factory) at the Ronald Reagan National Airport (June, 2007).

A solo exhibition of Kastus Kachan Belarusian contemporary artist at the Ronald Reagan Building and Belarusian Embassy - (in 2008).

This is how the Global Arts Network was founded, and now I am dedicating my skills and time promoting intercultural understanding and raise public awareness of how all countries, large and small are interdependent. Global Arts Network works in partnership with museums, embassies, schools and universities as well as other resource centers in the Washington DC area.

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