Mrs. Svetlana Ushakov and Congressman James Moran open the exhibition "Vision from Russia" as a part of cultural exchange between Embassy of Russian Federation and Friends of Torpedo Factory.

Mrs. Irina Popova, Cultural Attache at the opening of the exhibition "Vision from Russia" at Target Gallery

Mrs. Svetlana Ushakov and Luba Taubvurtzel at the opening of the exhibition "Vision from Russia" at Target Gallery


A presentation at Target Gallery

A quick history of Soviet Art



Vision from Russia

In July of 2005 an International art exhibition of four Russian artists will take place in the Target Gallery, located at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in the Old Town Alexandria and sponsored by Embassy of the Russian Federation. This exhibition is a continuation of the program by "The Friends of Torpedo Factory." For 22 years the Friends, a non-profit charitable organization, has promoted awareness and appreciation of the visual arts through exhibitions, events and outreach programs on behalf of America's premier working visual arts center the Torpedo Factory Art Center. Founded in 1974, the Torpedo Factory houses over 200 professional artists in 80 studios and galleries, an art school, and an archeology laboratory and museum. On Friday, June 24, 2005, Friends had the 9th Annual "Friends of the Torpedo Factory Art Center Arts Patrons Reception" at the Embassy of the Russian Federation, under the Gracious Patronage of His Excellency The Ambassador of the Russian Federation Mr. Yuri V. Ushakov and Mrs. Svetlana Ushakov.

Luba Taubvurtzel, who is a long-time supporter of the Torpedo Factory Art Center and a board member of the "Friends" was a co-chair of the Arts Patrons Reception at the Russian Embassy and curator of "Vision from Russia" art exhibition at the Target Gallery in Torpedo Factory Art Center. The art chosen for this exhibition celebrate the flourishing creativity of the Moscow art community that has reached new artistic heights since the fall of the Soviet Union. Since perestroika first cracked the cultural iron curtain, Moscow artists have started to exhibit to enthusiastic audiences in the art capitals of the world including Paris, Barcelona, New York City, and Washington, DC. The style and philosophy of the paintings by the artists of this group are strongly influenced by the traditional Russian realism, late 19th century French experiments as well as exploration of color in later Russian Impressionist Painting.

The Target Gallery is pleased to present the works of four contemporary Moscow artists and their original "plein aire" oil paintings, etchings and sculpture. The featured artists employ the time-honored approach of careful preparation and contemplation. Painting is a very serious matter for them. Although their Works are vastly different they all emulate the methods and approach of the great masters of the past. Their schooling helped in this regard. Highly respected programs of art education were preserved and flourish in such institutions as Surikov Academy of Art, where great emphasis on drawing, perspective and appropriate use of color is taught, as well as an insightful understanding of art history. It is especially exciting that Yuri Bondarenko and Iskander Ulumbekov will travel to the United States for the opening. While each has their own distinctive style and work in different medium, they all share a uniquely Russian perspective that entwines a sense of romanticism and melancholy. Their works do evoke elements reminiscent of the rich cultural history of Byzantine icon art.

The featured artists are:

Yuri Bondarenko

Yuri Bondarenko was born in Moscow in 1952. He graduated from Surikov Art academy 1982. He completed his post-graduate work in 1984 with a thesis on painting techniques and drawings by old European masters. During this time, he also taught at the Surikov Art Academy in Moscow. In 1982 he joined The Artist Union of Russia. Since then, he has been a regular participant in many all-Russian and international exhibitions. Since 1989, Yuri Bondarenko has had over 40 solo exhibitions in Russia, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Greece, and Austria. Bondarenko is heir to a Russian tradition of landscape painting, portraiture, and historical genre painting. "There is nothing superficial about Yuri Bondarenko's painting. Look and you will see a blend of two very Russian characteristics: refinement and passion. Technically his work is precise and polished; in spirit it is moody, unpredictable and intense." Harriet Crawle, is a writer and art critic. She is an author of BBC series "Great Art Collector" Yuri Bondarenko, renowned portrait and landscape painter had more then 40 solo exhibitions. His works are held in the State museums in Russia and in private collections through out the world.

Iskander Ulumbekov

Iskander Ulumbekov was born in Moscow in 1962. He graduated from Vasily Surikov Art Institute in Moscow. He works mainly in oils and watercolor but has also worked as a book illustrator and ceramicist. His watercolors seem almost dream-like, evoking a melancholy impression. Ulumbekov has exhibited his work with other artists as well as in solo exhibitions in Russia, France, and Belgium.

Vladimir Zorin

Experts consider Zorin's work as a unique phenomenon in current landscape art and his etching technique to be compared only with the legacy of the old master Duerer. His airy style is full of transparency and a sense of humor. He is one of ten technicians in Russia to use unique color etchings. Zorin owns a full arsenal of technical resources for intaglio printing. Giving preference to landscapes, he fills his sheets with details of life in provincial towns of Russia managing to maintain soft lyrical tonality. Little coldness and dispassionateness appears in his cycles devoted to two capitals, but it's only a shade of lyricism integrally inherent to Zorin. His best works are repeatedly exhibited and reproduced in art editions. Zorin was born in Moscow in 1960, graduated from Moscow Architecture Institute in 1983 and has been a member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 1990.

Eugene Vereschagin

Was born in 1952. In 1977 he graduated from Art College in Pensa. In 1978-19983 he studied at the Stroganovsky Moscow Art Institute. He is the member of Russian Artists Union from 1985. From 1976 to the present participated in more then 150 exhibitions in Russia and abroad. His works are in private and museum collections in Russia, France Germany and USA. His monumental and miniature sculptures are made mainly from stone, bronze and wood.

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