About Us

Our Mission

The Global Arts Network (GAN) is a DC based non-profit organization that aims to foster an intercultural understanding of visual and performing arts of the rich artistic heritage of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Greater Eurasia in the United States. GAN accomplishes this goal by bringing artistic traditions of this region of the world to audiences in Washington, DC through cultural exchanges- focusing on art exhibitions, lectures, and collaborative work with area museums, foreign embassies, universities, and other cultural and educational resource centers.

Our Vision

The Global Arts Network believes that the impact of the arts creates modes of communication and understanding in International Relations. Through cultural understanding and peace through sharing of the arts, we hope to strengthen cultural ties between the United States, Russia, Eastern Europe, and greater Eurasia, as well as other countries by building bridges of creativity, trust, and peace. We collaborate with other like-minded organizations and individuals to develop this global cultural awareness.

Global Arts Network

Luba Taubvurtzel, President and Founder

Advisory Board

Kutlay Ebiri
Jason Jarrell
Bill Cormany
Anna Balakerskaia
Catherine Provost
Barbara Gordon
Dr. Norton T. Dodge